Korean Elementary School Grades 5~6 “Pirates” Roleplay “Kitty and Doggy Meet Pirates”

Hello, teachers!

Here’s another “role play” that you can use for Korean elementary school Grades 5 and 6.  It is a role play about a dog and a cat being captured by pirates.

Students can listen to the teacher read slowly once, then read and repeat together, then answer some questions, practice together, then perform for the class.

Here are some questions you can ask…

Who is with Doggy and Kitty? (Parrot!)

What do Doggy and Kitty see? (They see a boat!)

The boat has a white flag, right? (No! It has a black flag!)

What does Kitty give the Monkey Pirate? (A box.)

Why is the Monkey Pirate happy? (He has bananas.)

Kitty is happy because he has bananas, right? (No! He is not happy!)

Does the monkey have bananas now? (No! He has mice.)

Here’s the script. You can copy and paste it into any word processor that supports emoji.

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Kitty and Doggy Meet Pirates


🐱🐶🐥🏝 (고양이, 개, 앵무새는 작은 섬에서 사라집니다.) (Kitty, Doggy, and Parrot are lost on an island.)

Kitty 🐱: Doggy, look! It’s a boat! 🚢

Parrot 🐥: It’s a boat! 🚢

Doggy 🐶: Look! A black flag! 🏴 They’re pirates! Watch out!

Parrot 🐥: Watch out!


🐱🎆 (고양이가 신호를 보낸다.) (Kitty sends a signal.)


Doggy 🐶: Kitty, no!

Parrot 🐥: Kitty, no!


🐱🐶🐥🐒🚢 (고양이, 개, 앵무새는 해적에 의해 체포됩니다.) (Kitty, Doggy, and Parrot are captured by pirates.)


Monkey Pirate 🐒: Yo! Ho! Ho! Give me your treasure! 💎

Parrot 🐥: Hide the box! 📦

Doggy 🐶: Parrot, be quiet!

Monkey Pirate 🐒: Box? Do you have a box? 📦

Doggy 🐶:  No, we don’t have a box! 📦

Parrot 🐥: Put the bananas 🍌 in the box! 📦

Monkey Pirate 🐒: Bananas!? 🍌 Do you have bananas!? 🍌

Kitty 🐱: Yes, we do! We have bananas! 🍌 Here! 📦


🐱📦🐒 (고양이는 원숭이 해적에게 상자를 준다.) (Kitty gives the box to the Monkey Pirate.)


Doggy 🐶: Kitty, no!

Parrot 🐥: Kitty, no!

Monkey Pirate 🐒: Yo! Ho! Ho! They’re my bananas 🍌 now!


🌊🚢💦🐱💦🐶💦🐥💦🐒 (배는 파도에 치여 요. 모두가 넘어집니다.) (The ship is hit by a wave. Everyone falls down.)


Monkey Pirate 🐒: Oh, no! My bananas! 🍌

Doggy 🐶: Kitty, Parrot, let’s go!


🐱🐶🐥🚣 (고양이, 개, 앵무새는 작은 배로 탈출한다.) (Kitty, Doggy, and Parrot escape on a small boat.)


Doggy 🐶: Kitty, I’m hungry, but the pirates have our bananas! 🍌

Kitty 🐱: Don’t worry! I have more food!


🐱📦 (고양이가 상자를 연다.) (Kitty opens a box.)


Kitty 🐱: Oh, no! Bananas! 🍌

Parrot 🐥: Oh, no! Bananas! 🍌

Doggy 🐶: Nice! Good job, Kitty!


🐒📦🚢  (보트에서 해적 원숭이가 상자를 엽니 다.) (On the boat, the pirate monkey opens the box.)


Monkey Pirate 🐒: Oh, no! These aren’t bananas! 🍌 They’re… MICE! 🐀


🐀 (쥐는 어디에나 있다.) (Mice are everywhere!)

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