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πŸ–± Grab & Grow ABC Garden

Ready… Set… Grow!

Players β€œgrab” fun alphabet objects and β€œgrow” letters in an β€œABC garden” in this original “alphabet-gardening” game for Windows PC.

Your students will love playing this game together. It’s a perfect activity for any free moment in class! This free download comes with a classroom handout, so your students can also play it at home!

πŸŽ“ “Easy English”β€” ESL for Young Learners Made Easy

Free mini-course for teachers on how to make lessons easy for young learners through practice.

This short course will change how you practice with your students!

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Hello! I’m Adam. Follow me as I develop materials for teaching English, and read about my latest experiences as an American English teacher here in Korea. I’ll share my best materials, and respond to your questions and comments.